SWEquestrian & Janelle Sangster-Ward

Boutique Warmblood Stud & Training Stable

Dunstan Horsefeeds

Only the best for my horses!! I have completed a animal nutrition degree so understand the importance for correct nutrition for all horses! Dunstan is made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, it is made fresh to order and does not contain any nasties that can enter the food from contamination from other animal feeds!! We are so lucky it is all made on a dedicated Equine Nutrition plant!  All of our horses from broodmares to competition horses have a specific diet formulated for them, depending on age, workload etc.. and anyone that knows my horses know they are always super shiney and healthy thanks to Dunstan!

Flexible Fit Equestrian

We just love our Flexible Fit bridles, not only are they the most comfortable bridles around they also allow you to have a custom fitted bridle at an affordable price!! 

We started using their bridles after I found I have a few contact issues with Ghisella and she got rubs behind her ears  even when wearing a comfort bridle, after switching to a flexible fit gel head piece it was unbelievable how soft and happy she was, now the entire team has their own bridle, girth and halter!


All of our competiton horses have their joints protected by Syncroflex HA, we also love Syncroaid on any cuts and scratched and Syncrogastro for Rascal whom has had ulcers in the past!

Wairau covers

We have been using these covers for over 15 years now, they are the best fitting most durable covers on the market! Some of our winter covers are over 8 years old and still going strong keeping the horses warm and dry.  All of my competition horses have Brumby rugs they wear 24/7 all year round as I always like natural cotton next to their skin, and for keeping them clean before a show and on hot days at shows you can not beat the Breeze rugs, easy to wash and dry and superior fit

The Equine Cobbler

Chris Rae has been our blacksmith for a number of years now and we could not do without him!!! His wealth of knowledge I know my horses are in the best hands! No foot no horse is so true!

We also use and recommend 

Astek Stud

Sue Fowler has been an amazing support to me though out the years and is still supporting me with my training

Dental Vet Marieke Van Den Eden

Marieke has been looking after our horses mouths for the last 4 years, she is very professional and through in her job and I can rest assured she is keeping their mouths in tip top condition so I can focus on training!

DB Muscle Threapy

Debbie is amazing!!!! She not only helps me with biomechanics while riding, she works on my muscles and treats my horses muscluar systems also!!! 

Canterbury Equestrian

I love my KEP hat and Equipe and PDS Saddles

Sea Horse Sea Freight

We have used this company over the last 10 years, to youngsters, broodmares and stallions from Australia to New Zealand and they have all arrived in perfect condition!

Alison and her team do an exceptional job looking after all the horses

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